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Carl Baily11.139126.72SVT Cobra
Jon Rhodes11.14123.640.387GT
Gordon Little11.661118.63SVT Cobra
Carl Poleschner12.314113.2SVT Cobra
Caleb Reschar13.551103.29V6 (NOS)
Carl Poleschner13.69107.3GT
Allison Forgeur15.16491.18GT
DJ Grantham15.23391.436 Cylinder
George Forgeur19.37370.164 Cylinder


  1. Wheel bearings tight
  2. Steering linkage tight
  3. Shocks / struts in good condition
  4. Metal / flexible brake lines in good


  1. No side wall cuts
  2. Wheel lugs tightened (torqued to spec)
  3. Rims in good condition (w/hubcaps removed)
  4. Proper tire pressure for track


  1. Battery secure
  2. Belts in good condition / free of cracks
  3. Electrical harness and relays secure
  4. Throttle linkage and return operational
  5. Oil and gas lines secure
  6. Coolant overflow catch can


  1. Brake fluid fresh and clear / recently flushed
  2. Brake system recently bled
  3. Sufficient brake pad/linings (pads w/50% material)
  4. Brake pedal firm
  5. Brake lights operational
  6. Rotors (front and rear) free of cracks
  7. Air cleaner/filter assembly secure


If your car runs faster than:

13 seconds - Helmet is required.
12 seconds - Helmet and roll cage are required.


  1. The top must be up and secured properly.
  2. You must have a helmet regardless of what your car runs.
  3. You must have a roll cage if your car runs under 13 seconds.
  4. Closed-toe shoes with socks and long pants are preferred at some tracks, but are mandated at others.


NASA Pro Racing and HPDE on-track events

Watch some of the best road racers in America compete on the famed Sebring Raceway and participate in the HPDE courses. The HPDE consists of classroom and on-track time with a qualified instructor riding along in your car while you drive at speed (Levels 1-2 only)! Higher level and more experienced drivers can advance to levels 3-4 where you are doing everything but racing the other cars on track. Serious racers can apply for a competition license.

A list of requirements and costs for the events:

  1. Any car in good working order... (so long as you pass tech)!
  2. Join NASA: $45 (if you have an existing or NASA-sanctioned car club membership, such as INEX, you're fine)
  3. Pay entry fee: $299.00 for the day
  4. Have approved safety equipment (helmet)
  5. Pass technical inspection. If you don't pass tech, your entry fee will not be refunded! (can be run through pre-tech locally, check website for details) The table under Event Rules should be a good baseline to start with.
  6. Be dressed appropriately. No need for a firesuit and HANS, but you need to wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.
  7. Have a state driver's license
  8. Knowledge of Club Codes and Regulations
  9. Seat belts in good working order
  10. Mufflers (depends on track policies)
  11. Convertibles require a 4 point roll bar

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